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Facing the Covid-19 disease, respecting the guidelines from the California government concerning meeting and considering the decisions of churches around us, our Session after prayer and deliberation have made the following decision for our church activities in the month of March:

1) Worship service

a. Pastor and "skeleton" core crew (worship team, media) will conduct service at regular time (Sunday 1pm) and live stream through the internet.

b. Encourage members to worship in unity but at home and through the internet. We will send you information on how to participate in worship through live stream.

c. Activities for youth and children will be cancelled for March.

d. Members are not prevented from coming to worship but if attending service, please follow the guideline of the government (sick people should not attend, keeping distance of 6 feet from one another, elderly should not gather in number more than 10, etc.)

2) All children, youth, college activities in March are cancelled.

3) Small group – If less than 10 should continue – but please follow the guideline of the government.

4) Saturday prayer – like small group – will continue because attendance is normally around or under 10.

(if there are changes, we will contact all our active members)

Please pray that God delivers us from this disease and to enable us to live in reverence to God and love toward people.


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