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Newly Elected Elders and Deacons

Church members elected three new elders — Tuấn Châu, Việt Lê, Dung Bui — and two new deacons — Thanh Dương, Hiếu Nguyễn ⁠— on Sunday November 17, 2019. This year's nominees were chosen by the nominating committee, with the exception of Mrs. Dung Bui, who was nominated on the spot. The newly elected were invited to give a one-minute message to the congregation. They were thankful, each said, for the opportunity to serve the church community.

Mrs. Dung Bui said she had declined nomination when the committee asked her. She had felt that at her age there were younger members who could do much more than she could. They had more energy, vitality, and new, beautiful ideas, and she had not intended to take the role. But she was moved to reverse her decision, she said, by the love and trust of the brothers and sisters who came up (to ask her to serve); and also by the sermon they'd just heard, about God's love, which moved them to do more. There was no greater joy than to follow God, said Mrs. Dung Bui, and she wanted to thank her brothers and sisters in Christ for their love and trust, despite all her faults, and for their ready forgiveness; and asked that the congregation pray for her.     

At the close of the election, the current-term elders and deacons joined the new members at the front for prayer and blessing for the service, guidance, and leadership the newly elected will provide the church in the next three years. 



elders and deacons being blessed
The newly elected members are joined by the currently serving elders and deacons for prayer and blessing. November 17, 2019. Photo by Dung Tuong. 


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