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College & Career Ministry

College & Career Ministry

Our group is made up of college students and working professionals whose common goal is to grow in faith through service, fellowship and a weekly bible study.


Come join us on Friday or catch us at church on Sunday! We would be glad to share more with you about our group. Connect with us through our Facebook group.

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Friday Bible Study

At the close of each busy week, on Friday night, we gather together to study God’s Word. Our bible study goes from approximately 7:45 p.m. to 9:20 p.m. in the Fisherman’s House, located on the east side of the courtyard.


Come early! Come at 7:30 p.m. to socialize with others and eat lots of sweets! Especially on pizza/tacos nights, or on nights when someone has graciously volunteered to cook for the group (which happens frequently).

About Us

Many students in our group are from Sacramento City College, Cosumnes River College, Sacramento State, and UC Davis; and the career professionals work around the Sacramento area. Over food and tea, we catch up with each other on how our week has been.

At around 8 p.m., the lights go off, and we start with a short worship session consisting of three to four songs that someone in the group has chosen. Those who like playing instruments, beginner or experienced, can play along. We try to bring what talents we have to worship God.

When the lights turn on again, the NIV Bibles appear – we pass them out. The topic varies, depending on our group’s interest and the person leading; but in general we decide ahead of time on a learning series to follow for several weeks, and volunteer leaders take turns to lead


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A Glimpse of Our Weekly Gatherings

(Previous bible study series have included Francis Chan’s “Crazy Love” and “Multiply,” Thune and Walker’s “The Gospel-Centered Life,” Chip Ingram’s “Culture Shock,” and the “Bible Study for Life” series by LifeWay Christian Resources.)

The format is very relaxed and conversational; everyone is encouraged to ask any questions at any time and to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences; or, if you’re not comfortable sharing yet, you are welcome to participate in any way you’re most comfortable with.

We are a bilingual group, which often makes for a fun environment. The learning goes both ways. And whether you eat baluts on a daily basis, or if 90 percent of your diet consisted of cheese pizza or tacos from Taco Bell, you belong. Knowing one language or the other tends not to be an issue even on days when our English-to-Vietnamese-speakers ratio is off-balanced. Though the lesson is conducted in English, we use both languages in our discussions and sharing; plus, our pastor is always ready with translation.